Water Watcher Pledge

A Water Watcher is a responsible person who supervises swimmers at the pool until the next person takes over.

As a Water Watcher I Pledge:

  • I will maintain constant visual contact with all the swimmers who are in or near the water.
  • I will remain by the water until I am relieved by another designated Water Watcher.
  • I will enforce the pool rules and stop any dangerous activity.
  • I will have access to a phone and have it readily available in case of emergency.
  • While on duty, I will not look at my phone, socialize, read a book, consume alcoholic beverages, or engage in any activity that distracts me from watching swimmers.

During an Emergency, I Pledge to:

  • Activate the pools emergency action plan to include:
    • Call 911 or have another responsible person call for help.
    • Use the safety equipment as needed to help swimmers to the side of the pool.
    • Ensure all other swimmers exit the pool until the emergency is over.
    • Provide first aid and CPR to the best of my ability if certified to do so.

Pledge Adopted From:

http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/eh/safety/water-watchers.htm and